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A Little Background


A Little Background

To introduce myself as a researcher and as a teacher, I thought it might be helpful to share a little bit about my background and interests.  I’m an engineer, so how about a numbered list?

  1. I have a cool job.  Some of the perks include getting paid to learn, having autonomy in my research endeavors, and collaborating with great people.
  2. I am amazed by the simplicity and elegance of math and its ability to explain so many systems of the world.
  3. In elementary school, my class consisted of a total of 3 students (yes, that’s counting me).  I attended a 2-room country school a few miles from where I grew up in rural South Dakota.  The best part about this little country school on the Great Plains was that liking school was cool, which I believe is a foundation for a really great education.
  4. I like efficiency and logic.
  5. One of the best things about working in higher education is meeting all the amazing people from around the world.  I love learning about the different cultures, customs, politics, and religions.  Having a multinational set of friends and colleagues has greatly improved my cultural understanding of the world and its wonderful inhabitants.
  6. I tend to be a fairly private person, so bear with me as I begin on this voyage of telling the digital world about my research and teaching interests.


Welcome to my blog that is intended to keep interested parties up to date on my latest research and teaching endeavors.  Specifically, I view this blog as a way to engage the online community by:

  1. Sharing — As we live in a society where the majority of us spend a great proportion of our days “staring at glowing rectangles” – I thought a digital presence to share my current research findings, projects, and insights would be valuable to the academic and industry community.
  2. Engaging — If anything you see on my blog is of interest to you, please contact me through email.  I am constantly looking for interesting research projects that are motivated by industry problems, as well as research collaborators throughout the world.
  3. Promoting —  Industrial & Systems Engineering is a profession I am very lucky to have discovered and is a profession I find extremely valuable, practical, and rewarding.  The world needs more ISE’s, who can think systematically and analytically about complex problems, but unfortunately, is also a field with a marketing problem.  When I give presentations to prospective students, I constantly get comments such as “I had no idea an industrial engineer did that.”  This blog, and this Intro to ISE video, is my way to try and get the word out about industrial and systems engineering.

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