I am a modeler

I am a modeler.  I study the dynamics and properties of logistic systems by first studying the properties of mathematical representations of  real-world logistic system.  As Weisberg explains, modelers begin by constructing a model, then performing an analysis of the model, and finally, coordinating the model with the real-world phenomenon.  If the model is sufficiently similar to phenomenon studied, then the model can serve as an indirect representation of the phenomenon and we can use the model to learn about the world.

Modeling is a powerful tool to describe, explain, and make predictions about complex phenomena.  Modelers are in good company and are seen across disciplines, with notable modelers being Volterra (population biology) and Linus Pauling (chemistry) .

This post was inspired by an interesting description on Who is a Modeler? written by Michael Weisberg who is a philosopher.  After reading this article, I had a better understanding of how my research fits in with research across many other disciplines, which is useful in today’s interdisciplinary research endeavors.


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