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Why UCF?


Check out this video created by a talented group of students in our Project Engineering Course explaining why selecting UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science is a great choice.

I got promoted in the video, but in real life I am still an Assistant Professor :-).  Also, I am featured around the 1 minute and 6 minute mark.  Benjamin Schepler, a recent UCF graduate, was the cinematographer and editor and did a great job with the video production.  His contact information is bschepler (at) gmail (dot) com.

Students and Future IE’s

Now that I have been in my role as an assistant professor for (almost) two years, I have enough data points to say that such a career is rewarding and has impact.  One of the many areas of impact arises during my interactions with current and future industrial engineering students.  This past academic year, I’ve had a lot of fun participating in the following student activities:

Officers 2012 2013

1. I am the faculty adviser of UCF’s Alpha Pi Mu student chapter, which is the IE honor society.  It is a great group of student leaders (I am pictured with the 2012-2013 officers above) who are passionate about their profession and in carrying out Alpha Pi Mu’s motto of  “humble service to humanity is the goal of the true engineer.”  During the 2012-2013 academic year, the UCF Alpha Pi Mu chapter participated in the following seven community service projects: 

  1. Give Kids the World
  2. UCF Arboretum Service Project
  3. Halloween Treats with Coalition for the Homeless
  4. Lockheed Martin Day of Caring – Facility Improvements at the Coalition for the Homeless
  5. Dancing Against Cancer
  6. Oyster Mats
  7. Relay for Life

CampConnect2013_3 CampConnect2013

2. The University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering and Computer Science was host of an Engineering Camp called Camp Connect. The week-long event allowed various middle and high school students to learn about the different engineering degrees offered at the university. I helped with the Industrial Engineering day and was super impressed by the students’ questions and engagement.  The camp illustrated IE concepts like statistics, facility design, quality, manufacturing, and engineering management through hands-on fun activities.


3.  I mentored five undergraduate researchers in my lab this spring semester.  The topics that were tackled by the students included Management of Underutilized Resources, Revenue Management in Services, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Recall Management.  Valeria Saetta presented her work at UCF’s 2013 SURE showcase.  Many of the students were participating in the EXCEL Undergraduate Research Experience.