Congratulations-your-manuscript-has-been-accepted email

It is always fun to get the Congratulations-your-manuscript-has-been-accepted email, but it is especially rewarding when your coauthor of the accepted paper is your Ph.D. student!    This is an academic first for me — an accepted publication with a student.  Congrats to Faraz Ramtin for his hardwork and dedication to this research.  The idea came from me visiting a grocery distribution center and watching their case fulfillment process in cold temperature distribution centers; however, Faraz, took the idea and made it his own.    


The paper specifics:

“Analytical Models for an Automated Storage and Retrieval System with Multiple in-the-Aisle Pick Positions”

Faraz Ramtin 1 & Jennifer A. Pazour 1

1 Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, 32816, USA


to appear in IIE Transactions.  

An automated storage and retrieval system with multiple in-the-aisle pick positions (MIAPP-AS/RS) is a case-level order-fulfillment technology that enables order picking via multiple pick positions (outputs) located in the aisle. We develop expected travel time models for different operating policies and different physical configurations.  These models can be used to analyze MIAPP-AS/RS throughput performance during peak and non-peak hours. Moreover, closed-form approximations are derived for the case of an infinite number of pick positions, which enable us to derive the optimal shape configuration that minimizes expected travel times.  We compare our expected travel time models with a simulation model of a discrete rack, and the results validate that our models provide good estimates. Finally, we conduct a numerical experiment to illustrate the trade-offs between performance of operating policies and design configurations. We find that MIAPP-AS/RS with a dual picking floor and input point is a robust configuration because a single command operating policy has comparable throughput performance to a dual command operating policy.  



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