A long-term educational goal of mine is to inspire, educate, and mentor the engineering workforce of the future, which will be composed of a diverse group of innovative problem solvers. A personal goal is to increase the number of female and underrepresented undergraduate and graduate industrial & systems engineering students through involvement in a wide-range of educational activities where I share my love for industrial & systems engineering.  Below you will find details about these events, listed in chronologically decreasing order.  If interested in having me speak or do a hands-on activity at your event, please email me at pazouj@rpi.edu

ISEclassroomIntroduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering.  As chair of RPI’s ISE department’s communication community, I created this video as a way to introduce our field to incoming freshman.  Since July 2017, it has been watched more than 1300 times, and has been shared with RPI’s admissions and to undeclared engineering majors.

EA_RPIRPI’s Engineering Ambassador Program: Mentoring two undergraduate students and researchers to take research about on-demand supply chains and create activities to inspire K-12 students to pursue engineering.  [Optimizing Traffic Presentation]

PREFACE is a two-week experience at RPI for high school students. In July 2018, Brooke Ramlakhan (undergraduate IME student and researcher) and I presented about the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering.  We created a hands on activity to illustrate how to think like an ISE and had participants incorporate uncertainty into their decision making process.  Around 20 talented students attended.

Delve into Engineering High School Enrichment Program: In July 2018, presented about the field of industrial and systems engineering and my research to create an on-demand volunteer base to around 20 high school students.


Career Spotlight in the Fast Forward:  My research is featured in the Logistics and Trucking Issue of the Fast Forward Resource. Fast Forward is a transportation workforce development online resource intended for middle school, high school, and community college students, parents and educators. Their mission is to inspire youth to take the lead today and explore the world of exciting, world-changing career opportunities awaiting them in the transportation industry of tomorrow. Here’s a YouTube interview about why I think it is an exciting time to pursue a career in logistics.

MapleHillHighSchoolScience Seminar at Maple Hill High School.  In Spring 2018, I spoke to around 50 high school students about ISE.  When polled initially, none had heard of the power of ISE.  We need to continue to communicate to a wide audience about our field.


RPI’s Bridge Scholars Program: In Summer 2017, met with ~5 undeclared students to discuss ISE as a major and a career.

Math Modeling Club: A Philadelphia extracurricular high school math modeling club. In April 2016 presented my research and the power of math modeling via video conferencing to ~10 high school students, I continue to serve as an ongoing resource to the club.

IMG_2017Society of Women Engineers: RPI’s SWE chapter supports u.g. female engineering students. In March 2016 participated in the “A Day in the Life” panel discussion and presented to ~20 u.g. students about my research and the field of industrial and systems engineering.

iiseregionalpresentation2017.jpgInstitute of Industrial and Systems Engineers: Presented as a keynote speaker at the 2017 IISE Northeast Regional Conference to ~50 undergraduate ISE majors.  Presented to the local RPI chapter in Fall 2015 about the field to ~25 undergraduate students.

Introduction to ISE Course: RPI u.g. course to expose students to the field. In Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017 I presented about my research ~100 u.g. students, resulting in multiple follow-on inquiries about students participating in undergraduate research.

girls_site_iconEureka! (Girls Inc.): A NY Capital Region program for middle & high school female students to pursue higher education. In Fall 2015, presented to ~20 middle and high school students from underrepresented groups about my journey, and career opportunities in IE.  Played the Malaria Supply Chain Game developed by Dr. Jackie Griffin.

ISEAcceptedStudents2017ISE Open Houses: An opportunity for high school students to explore IE. At RPI manned the ISE booth at the 2016 and 2017 accepted students day.  Spoke with ~50 potential students and their families about ISE.  At UCF from 2012-2015, served as the IE faculty representative at ~10 Saturday open house sessions where ~70 high school students have been exposed to IE career options and u.g. curriculum.


FabFems Directory: A national database of women in STEM professions who are inspiring role models for young women. I have served as a role model since 2013.  I mentored 1 female African American student to pursue a future engineering career. The student’s parent email response: “I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your  busy day to meet with us. Breanna is so excited and hasn’t stopped talking since we left UCF.”


Camp Connect: A week-long engineering camp at UCF for middle and high school students from underrepresented groups. ~275 middle & high school students from underrepresented groups have been exposed to IE concepts. In 2012, I organized the camp’s IE portion including hands-on activity development. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 spoke about IE concepts and careers, and participated in hands-on activities.

EXCEL Program: A UCF College of Engineering Program to increase underrepresented students success in the first two years of a STEM u.g. discipline. From 2012-2015 served as an EXCEL faculty, which involves presenting about my career journey and hosting research lab tours and activities to over 150 students. Evaluations rated the presentations to be informative and interesting (4.6/5) and helpful in exploring career options in IE (4.45/5).

COMPASS Program: A UCF NSF-funded program to increase the number of UCF students pursuing a STEM discipline. From 2012-2015 served as a COMPASS faculty, which involved presenting about IE career options and hosting research lab tours and presentations to 106 students (58 female, 44 minority). Students found the presentations to be informative and interesting (4.2/5), and the lab experience helped them narrow their career focus within STEM (3.7/5).

GEMS Program: A UCF mentoring program to increase u.g. female student success in a STEM discipline. I served as a guest speaker at networking events in 2011, 2012, and 2015 where I shared my career and personal story to ~75 u.g. female students.

STATESS Project: A NSF-funded program at UCF for students that might not have the opportunity to attend university. From 2013-2015 served as a faculty mentor to 1 female Hispanic u.g. student. Mentoring activities include monthly 1-on-1 meetings to ensure the student’s academic success and to discuss future career and graduate education exploration.  She graduated and is currently a Manufacturing Planner at Lockheed Martin.

Officers 2012 2013Alpha Pi Mu: The Industrial Engineering Honor Society.  I served as the Faculty Advisor of the UCF chapter from 2012-2015.  The UCF Student Chapter was Awarded Second Place Nationally in 2012-2013 Most Outstanding Student Chapter.

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