Student Researchers




Seyed Shahab Mofidi

Shahab’s Research Website
Ph.D. Student (UCF-RPI)
Logistical Decision Making in Environments that Exhibit Item-Level Effort Variations



Kaan Unnu
Ph.D. Student (RPI)
Optimization models to quantify and support on-demand warehousing





 Graduate Students


Uzma Mushtaque, Ph.D. (RPI, 2017)
Dissertation Title: Context-Dependent Discrete Choice Models and Assortment Optimization for Online Retail.

  • Co-Award Winner of the 2018 Del and Ruth Karger Doctoral Dissertation Prize, which is awarded to a Ph.D. graduate in ISE whose dissertation is deemed outstanding.
  • Received Honorable Mention at 2017 IISE Doctoral Colloquium Poster Competition.
  • Selected to participate in the 2017 Amazon’s Graduate Research Symposium.

First Position: Post Doctoral Researcher and Instructor of Record for Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty (MAU) at RPI.

Joan Climes, MS Thesis: Fall 2017

Thesis Title: Analytical Models for Retrieving and Repositioning Items in Dense Storage Systems and Optimizing the Location of an Open Square.

Winner of the 2018 Del and Ruth Karger Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award, awarded to a Master’s graduate in RPI’s  ISE department whose Master’s efforts – including project or thesis – are deemed outstanding.


First Position: Deloitte


Munira Shahir
M.S., 2017 (RPI)
Disaster Response Logistics

Personal photo_Awwad
Mohamed Awwad, Ph.D. (UCF, 2015)
Dissertation: “Modeling dense storage systems with location uncertainty

First Position: Assistant Teaching Position at University of Missouri; Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department 

Current Position: Teaching Assistant Professor, ISE SUNY University at Buffalo

Faraz Ramtin

Faraz Ramtin, Ph.D. (UCF, 2015) 
Dissertation: “Modeling and Analysis of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Multiple-in-the-Aisle Pick Positions.”

First Position: Analytics Consultant at PSEG; with Carian Group, Inc. New Jersey, USA



Patrick Reilly, M.S., (2015)
Master’s Thesis Topic: Propagation of Unit Location Uncertainty in Dense Storage Environments
First Position: High school mathematics instructor, Orlando, FL

khodam 3
Ali Bozorgi, Ph.D. (2014)
Dissertation “Inventory Management Problem for Cold Items with Environmental and Financial Considerations” (co-advised with Dima Nazzal)
First Position: Post Doctoral Fellow at Clemson University


Kaveh Azadeh
Research Scientist (Fall 2011 – Summer 2014)
Currently Ph.D. Student at Erasmus University
Department of Technology and Operations Management

Sudheep Pavithran (not pictured)
Operations Research , Supply Chain Management

Undergraduate Students

Summer 2017: Jake Legatt: Blockchain Technology

Jenna Drago and Omar Alshaye: Duplicate Effort in Carrier Delivery

Spring 2017: Shaeed McLead – Sharing Economy and Supply Chain Coordination

Mara Pattison and Jake Legatt: Blockchain Technology

Brook Rulewich: Exploratory Research into On-Demand Systems, Accepted into the Engineering Ambassadors Program. 


Fall 2016 (RPI): Joan Climes: Optimization of Dense Storage Systems

Fall 2016: Zach Shearin, Analytics and Optimization of NHL Point System; Competed at the 2017 IISE Regional Conference Undergraduate Technical Paper Competition (receiving 2nd place)IMG_2806

Spring 2016(RPI): Shaeed McLeod (Competitive Landscape Analysis for On-Demand Peer-to-Peer Logistics Systems; Ian Shin; Modeling logistics operations in a seabased environment; Benjamin Asamoah, Network optimization with unknown topology; Dayou Wang (Modeling Supply and Demand in Sharing Economy Applications); Carly Mannino; Resource sharing for diaster response; Joan Climes; Design of a retail and e-commerce fulfillment center.

Fall 2015 (RPI): Corinne Skala (Asset Tracking Devices for Seabasing Operaitons), Zlata Chernyshenko (Depleting Dense Storage System Design), Joan Climes (Ship from Store Operational Design), Dayou Wang, (Sharing Economy Decision Making Models) Dede Dolkar (Sharing Economy for Logistics and Supply Chain), Chantal Chan (Sharing Economy for Logistics and Supply Chain)

Catherine Research Poster  CatherineDuke

Catherine Ninah (Summer 2014-Summer 2015); Healthcare Logistics, Seabased Logistics

Alex Royce (Spring 2015); EXCEL; Seabased Logistics Design

Mohmoud Sbeih (Summer 2014-Spring 2015); Consumer Choice Models in Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing Systems

Kristin Elias (Summer 2014-Fall 2014); Real-Time Decision Making Environment for Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing Systems


Brandon Finley (Summer 2013-Spring 2014)
Reshuffling policies in warehouses

Whitney CSCMP Central Florida Roundtable

Whitney Anderson (Spring 2014), EXCEL; Piece-Level Order-Fulfillment Selection
Huber CSCMP Central Florida Roundtable Scholarship 2014

Christopher Huber (Spring 2014), EXCEL; Sea-Based Logistics Modeling
Alan Lorenzana (Spring 2014), EXCEL; Dense Storage Systems in Sea-Based Logistics
Steven Kuba (Fall 2013-Spring 2014); Sea-based Logistics


Jessica Cleveland (Fall 2013); Operations Research Applications in Healthcare

Daniel Washburn (Fall 2013); Reshuffling Problems in Warehouses

Valeria Saetta (Fall 2012 – Summer 2013); 
System Utilization
Sustainable Supply Chains

Katheryn Stephens (Summer 2013); Georgia Institute of Technology; Sea-Based Logistics

Auree Postell, Spring 2013; Topic: Revenue Management in Services; EXCEL Student
Margot Tejera, Spring 2013; Topic: Sustainable Supply Chains
Monica Perez, Spring 2013; Topic: Sustainable Supply Chains; EXCEL Student
Yasmina Elmorabit, Spring 2013; Topic: Recall Management; EXCEL Student


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