Researchers in my Lab

Below are links to information useful for researchers working in my lab:

  1. Expectations of Graduate Students
  2. great-mentoring-in-graduate-school-2016-council-of-graduate-schools
  3. Writing in the Sciences, open source online course – highly recommended!

Research Resources

  1. The US Government Accountability Office
  2. Reading Journal Articles in Levels Methodology (adopted from Russ Meller)
  3. Advice for Researchers and Students by Tao Xie. 
  4. A list of 100 resources for Logistics
  5. Big O Notation for Algorithm Complexity
  6. The Limits of Quantum Computers, which provides a great description of complexity theory, and is an inspirational read about the interdisciplinary and human connections to complexity.
  7. Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners
  8. Data Sets for Recommender Systems
  9. Data from Industry Partners via the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative
  10. Get data off of websites quickly and without coding:
  11. Data Sets from an NYU Econometric Class
  12. Visualizations of Linear Algebra Youtube series
  13. Chester Ismay’s Awesome Inference Diagram for Statistical Analysis
  14. How to construct a research abstract
  15. Seeing Theory – A visual way to look at prob and stats
  16. OPL functions and IBM Knowledge Center
  17. R package to model MIPs
  18. GoogleDoc of The quartz directory of essential data sources

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